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You cannot set inter-paragraph spacing in CSS using line-height, the spacing between <p> blocks. That instead sets the intra-paragraph line spacing, the space between lines within a <p> block. That is, line-height is the typographer's inter-line leading within the paragraph is controlled by line-height In addition, if you are not familiar with how CSS handles margins for adjacent paragraphs, I should also explain that the above rules do not mean that you get a space of 2em between them, where the bottom margin of the first paragraph gets added to the top margin of the second. Instead, the margins overlap each other (or collapse in technical parlance), leaving behind a distance that is. If the paragraph leading or line spacing—known as line-height in CSS—is too close it makes for a less than welcoming layout. The text looks dense and as a result, overwhelming. Default paragraph settings, whether composed using HTML, a content-management system, or a web editor, can make for crammed leading CSS Text Spacing Previous Next Letter Spacing. The letter-spacing property is used to specify the space between the characters in a text. The following example demonstrates how to increase or decrease the space between characters: Example. h1 { letter-spacing: 3px;} h2 { letter-spacing: -3px;} Try it Yourself » Line Height. The line-height property is used to specify the space between. Letter spacing in CSS is defined as the quantity of space that should be specified between the letters in the elements or block of characters. This property is used in increasing or decreasing the space between the letters of the set of characters or text. It takes values like normal, length, initial, and inherit

Une fois que vous vous serez familiarisé avec ces propriétés, nous vous encourageons à explorer d'autres propriétés de formatage du texte telles que hyphens, letter-spacing, text-indent, text-overflow, vertical-align, white-space, word-spacing), les sélecteurs spécifiques (::first-letter ou ::first-line), ou les unités CSS utilisées pour la taille du texte (em et rem) How can I edit the amount of space you have after a paragraph? Thanks, Jon . Increase space after a paragraph. HTML & CSS. Jon_Lawrance. August 30, 2014, 3:54am #1. How can I edit the amount of. CSS word-spacing Property Previous Complete CSS Reference Next Example. Specify that the space between words in <p> elements should be 30 pixels: p { word-spacing: 30px;} Try it Yourself » Definition and Usage. The word-spacing property increases or decreases the white space between words. Note: Negative values are allowed. Default value: normal: Inherited: yes: Animatable: yes. Read about.

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A normal single-spaced paragaph has a w:line value of 240, or 12 points. To specify units in hundreths of a line, use attributes 'afterLines'/'beforeLines'. The space between adjacent paragraphs will be the greater of the 'line' spacing of each paragraph, the spacing after the first paragraph, and the spacing before the second paragraph CSS #ligne1 { word-spacing: 15px; } #ligne2 { word-spacing: 5em; } Résultat. Accessibilité . Utiliser des valeurs trop importantes (positives ou négatives) pour word-spacing rend le texte illisible. Si l'espacement utilisé est trop grand, la structure visuelle ne permettra plus d'identifier une phrase. Si l'espacement est trop petit, les mots se chevaucheront et on ne pourra plus.

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When you are styling paragraphs, headings, and footers, The image shows how a layer styled with the #footer and link CSS styles shown here would look in a browser. About the Book Author. Sue Jenkins is a working designer as well as a design trainer and author. Her design firm, Luckychair, provides design services for web, logo, and print. Sue has also created a series of training DVDs on. Yo ninjas! In this CSS tutorial for beginners I'll walk you through how to space out paragraph tags on a page using the margin property. Consider this a gent.. Learn how letter-spacing works in CSS TextField and CSS: How to control spacing between paragraphs smohadjer. Dec 18, 2008. I'm using an external CSS to format a textField that has some HTML text in it, let's say something similar to this: myTextField.htmlText = <p>paragraph one</p><p>paragraph two</p>; How can I control the spacing between paragraphs when there is no support for margin-top or margin-bottom? I don't want to add.

Spacing before and after indents. I haven't had much success doing this consistently. One way around this is to put <br> tags either side of the indented paragraph in the HTML, which forces a space. Captions. Here's a suggestion for the CSS for a caption to go under a photo illustration (small and bold essentially) Home CSS Space Change The Spacing Between Lines Search MS Office A-Z | Search Web Pages/ Design A-Z Change The Spacing Between Lines . Use the line-height property in CSS to do so. Browsers by default will create a certain amount of space between lines to ensure that the text is easily readable. For example, for 12-point type, a browser will place about 1 point of vertical space between lines. With HTML and CSS I have this vertical space between a p tag and an image. It looks like this: See that extra vertical space between the hello and the image? How do i remove that? I know I ca The letter-spacing CSS property sets the horizontal spacing behavior between text characters. This value is added to the natural spacing between characters while rendering the text. Positive values of letter-spacing causes characters to spread farther apart, while negative values of letter-spacing bring characters closer together By controlling the values of the padding and the margin you gain full control of the spacing around your paragraphs. But it doesn't stop there; CSS also gives you the ability to control the.

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Use <BLOCKQUOTE> if you have a quoted block of text, otherwise use the techniques described in the next few paragraphs. Indenting a Paragraph. You can indent a single paragraph using styles. For example, suppose we want to indent a paragraph 50 points. First, we create a class called indented with the following style rules. Put this code in the. Let's quickly check out three more CSS properties that both involve sizing: line-height, letter-spacing, and word-spacing. line-height. In school, you may have been asked to submit essays that were single-spaced or double-spaced (or even 1.5-spaced)! In CSS, you control the vertical space between lines of text using the line-height property. With CSS: img { float: left; margin-right: 10px; clear:both; } p { margin-left: 0px; overflow:auto; display:block; } My jsfiddle extends the example to clearing paragraphs and right-aligned images. I needed something like this that was CMS-friendly and marketing-team friendly (marketers are scared of divs!) This works down to at least IE8. If you need vertically-centered images next to. There are actually a lot of ways to add spaces in HTML and CSS: Use to define a white space, for 2 spaces, and for 4 spaces. Paragraphs <p> will nicely spread out the text blocks. Use the <br> tag to create a line break Spacing in CSS has two types, one that is outside an element, and the other is inside it. For this article, I will call them outer and inner. Let's suppose that we have an element, the spacing within it is inner, and the spacing outside it is an outer spacing. In CSS, it's possible do the spacing as below

CSS word-spacing property Definition. The CSS word-spacing property allows us to specify additional space in between words.. Applies To. All elements. Property Values. inherit - Text attributes inherited from the parent element.. length - Defines a word-spacing value in a unit measurement such as em or pixel.. normal - The normal spacing as applied to the current font (default) CSS - Reduce Paragraph Spacing. Topic. Reduce Paragraph Spacing: View Content: Hi everyone, I am having a problem where my text is resonably small and the paragraph spaces between them look silly because they seem much too big for the font size. Please have a look at my example below: CSS: Code: div.orange{ background-color: #993400; color: #FFFFFF; width: 174px; font-size: 10px; font-family. Text Image and Spacing in CSS. Text Image and Spacing in CSS. In this article we will step through on how to combine text , article and images into a single row. Inside this row section i will divide it into 2 separate partition , one column which holds the text information or contents while the other holds an image

Challenge! Open an existing Word 2013 document. If you want, you can use our Lesson 12 Practice Document. Change the line spacing of some text.If you're using the example, change the line spacing of the paragraph in the Summary section so that it is single-spaced. Change the paragraph spacing between two paragraphs.If you're using the example, add paragraph spacing after each. The word-spacing CSS property sets the length of space between words and between tags Justifying content in Google Docs adds spacing between words to occupy the full document width at each line. The text-justify property allows us to do the same, but with additional flexibility to determine whether the spacing method used to justify the content is managed between words or characters.. Browser Support. The text-justify property is included in the CSS Text Module Level 3.

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Instead, line heights are set in increments of 4 px and spacing is measured from the edges of the text boxes. Many components are sized in increments of 20 px to match the line height of body text. This makes it easy to create harmonious arrangements of components and text Welcome to the HTML, CSS, & JavaScript - Certification Course for Beginners. If you are interested in mastering the art of front-end development, look no further. This course is the complete.

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  1. Mise en forme du texte : word-spacing , letter-spacing, vertical-align, text-align Espacement entre les mots : word-spacing. Comme son nom l'indique, cette propriété CSS permet d'espacer ou de rapprocher les mots
  2. word-spacing can receive three different values: the normal keyword, which resets the default spacing length values using any CSS units (most commonly px, em, rem) the inherit keyword, which applies the word-spacing of the parent elemen
  3. Outlook has also been known to throw a bit of a tantrum when using padding on paragraph, div or anchor tags. Where I Use Padding. I use padding anywhere I need to add space that could change dynamically. For me, it comes down to a choice of using padding and cellpadding to force spacing. Margin. Margin is another part of the CSS box model and is a common method used in web development to add.
  4. A paragraph that's 2 lines on desktop may become 4-6 lines on mobile. Tighter line spacing would work for 2 lines on desktop, but it'd cause readability issues on mobile because it'd be a large chunk of text. (Of course, line spacing can be adjusted for different break-points, in the same way as font size, but realities are that most cases they are not)
  5. Is there custom CSS or an option to increase the size of spacing between paragraphs? I did find the option in Customize -> Typography -> Line Height - but this did not change the spacing I'm referring to. If you look at this page - you can see the spacing between each paragraph is pretty large. How can I target that spacing? Part of the issue might be related to that I am using.

Paragraph Spacing with CSS. sparky145 asked on 2003-03-08. CSS; 12 Comments. 1 Solution. 1,510 Views. Last Modified: 2008-02-01. How do you force the spacing between a paragraph to not be double spaced. Starting each line with a <p> tag creates double spacing. I.E Bellows Planning Group Attn Mark Matejcek 9340 E Redfield RD. Suite 2113 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 The text above is in a cell in a. In this CSS tutorial we learn the basic properties and values that can be used to control the styling of text on web pages. Check out my Get a Developer Job..

How to remove extra spacing below paragraph in Elementor Advertisement. For our build, we were using the Elementor 2.5.14 with Elementor Pro 2.5.5 plugins. And Astra 1.8.2 (Free Version). Option 1: Negative Margin. One of the good things about Elementor is that it allows the adjustment of Margin and Padding. Go to the elements under the text editor and adjust the margins accordingly. You can. The CSS letter-spacing property can help make a sweeping change to the paragraph content if we add a couple pixels between each letter: .spaced-out { letter-spacing: 2px; } I wouldn't go so far as to say this is still the best font for paragraph text, but it is much easier to read with that extra spacing CSS Letter Spacing property is used to change the distance or spaces between the letters of the HTML Text. In the above given code and screenshot shows that how the letter-spacing property works. Example 1 - Letter Spacing Property Syntax and Code Example with the p ta

The letter-spacing property in CSS is used to set the spacing behavior between text characters i.e increasing or decreasing the space between characters in a text.. Syntax: letter-spacing: normal|length|initial|inherit; Property values:. normal: The normal letter spacing for the current font i.e no extra space between characters. This is the default value CSS text formatting include following properties: 1.Text-color 2.Text-alignment 3.Text-decoration 4.Text-transformation 5.Text-indentation 6.Letter spacing 7.Line height 8.Text-direction 9.Text-shadow 10.Word spacing. Apr 23, 2014 · A CSS selector is the part of a CSS rule set that actually selects the content you want to style. Spaced paragraphs are more straightforward as you only need the. is it CSS 3? It seems wokring right now but I would need fully compatible with Css2. It seems wokring right now but I would need fully compatible with Css2. - GibboK Sep 19 '11 at 15:5 Assuming the container always starts with a h1 this gives us a nice spacing of 20px on every side inside the container while having a space of 10px before each p (15px before each h1 except of the first one which makes sense because of the consistent container spacing) and you don't have to style the first or last element in the container any different from the others

A length value can be defined using any valid CSS unit (px, em, rem, etc). A percentage value is the font size of the element multiplied by the percentage. For example: Check out this Pen! In the demo above, the three paragraphs have their line heights set to 150%, 200%, and 250%, respectively. The body element has its font size defined at 20px. And paragraph margins? Fantastic. Wish one of my 3 CSS books indexed on paragraph margins. They all discuss margins of various elements, but some of us require a whack to the side of the head, like Oh, paragraphs must be included in those 'elements'. Hope CSS margins are well supported! papabaer. Msg#:1217334 . 10:44 pm on Mar 8, 2002 (gmt 0) Senior Member. joined:Dec 31, 2001 posts.

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  2. The CSS properties used to style text generally fall into two categories, which we'll look at separately in this article: Font styles: Properties that affect the font that is applied to the text, affecting what font is applied, how big it is, whether it is bold, italic, etc.; Text layout styles: Properties that affect the spacing and other layout features of the text, allowing manipulation of.
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  1. How to remove paragraph spacing with CSS? - Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps - April 15, 2011 this question has answer here:.
  2. letter-spacing; text-transform; L'indentation du texte [text-indent] La propriété text-indent permet d'ajouter une touche d'élégance aux paragraphes de texte en appliquant une indentation à la première ligne du paragraphe. Dans l'exemple suivant, un alinéa de 30px est appliqué à tous les paragraphes balisés par un élément <p> : p { text-indent: 30px; } Afficher un exemple; L.
  3. Hello, In the Milky Way template, the paragraphs in my articles seem to flow together with very little spacing between them. I'm very limited in my knowledge with .css, and attempted to add some margin/padding lines to the body tag in the template_css.css file, but it didn't change the paragraph spacing
  4. See the Pen Cours HTML CSS 4.5.2 by Pierre (@pierregiraud) on CodePen.. La propriété word-spacing. La propriété CSS word-spacing va fonctionner de manière similaire à letter-spacing mais va cette fois-ci nous permettre de définir l'espace entre les différents mots d'un texte.. Une nouvelle fois, passer une valeur positive à word-spacing va augmenter l'espace défini par défaut.
  5. The structure of a paragraph parallels the structure of an essay in order as well as content. Both contain a coherent argument, supporting evidence/analysis, and a conclusion. Specifically, the Both contain a coherent argument, supporting evidence/analysis, and a conclusion
  6. Add CSS¶. Use the border-collapse property with its separate value for the table.; Use the border-spacing property to set the distance between the borders of neighbouring table cells.; For the first row, set the background color and the color of the text by using the background-color and color properties.; Set the width and padding of the rows.; Use the text-align property with the center.

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Write your first lines of HTML and CSS Create content using HTML Decorate your content with CSS Quiz: Understand basic HTML, CSS, and their relationship Create headings for strong page structure Add text in paragraphs Strengthen and emphasize text Add links and understand attributes Organize elements in a list Add images to your web page Use the best images possible Quiz: Test your knowledge. CSS Span. The CSS div element is used to indicate a block-level element, while the CSS span element is used to indicate an inline element.. What is an Innline element ? The inline elements do not force a new line (line break) before or after its placement, it will only take up the space as it needs. In special cases we can change inline elemnt to block-level elements by setting its display. The spacing between paragraph (<p>) elements defaults in most browsers to one line. To change this, you set the 'margin-top' and 'margin-bottom' CSS properties of the paragraph element. You can do that by: - type in your paragraphs - highlight all the paragraphs you want to close up - in the CSS Common panel, under the Margins tab, set Top and. CSS - Reduce Paragraph Spacing. For text objects, you should set the line-height to however you'd like it to appear when there are multiple lines - and use either padding/margin to achieve spacing between it and the next element. You want to add space between all the words in a paragraph

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  1. Defination: CSS text-spacing property is used to set the space between characters in a text. Text spacing can be decreased or increased between characters. Text-spacing is controlled by letter-spacing and word-spacing in CSS. Syntax: See an example of each text-spacing in a paragraph 1) letter-spacing Defination: Letter-spacing is used to set the space between letter Continue reading CSS.
  2. On a web page, the CSS property that controls the amount of space between each line of text is line-height. You will have to change this property on the block (eg, paragraph) that contains your text. Let's say that you have a paragraph coded in HTML as follows
  3. La propriété CSS letter-spacing permet de définir les espaces entre les lettres/caractères dans un texte. Voyez des exemples. X. Headline. This is an important message requiring you to make a choice if you're based in the EU. Accept Reject. Update Consent. Bases CSSIntroduction au CSS Utilisation de CSS Syntaxe CSS Identifiant et classe CSS Texte CSS Police CSS Liens CSS Tableaux CSS.
  4. I'm using the free Catch Box version and I'm familiar with adding custom styles via the Themes Options page. Does anyone know a way to reduce the spacing between paragraphs in a blog post? I've noticed that when using the WYSIWYG editor that the source copy appears to be formatted like below so are Continue reading Reduce paragraph spacing
  5. I am new to css and have written a code for a list menu in my page and i have added an image for instead of selecting the default bullets in css (ie. square, circle etc. so now my problem comes it looks perfect in Firefox browser but in IE 6 & 7 the position of the bullet image changes . In firefox it shows the bullet besides the text written and it is centered and perfect as i need but in IE.

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  1. Is there any way to set the space that browsers display between paragraphs tags? <p> paragraph 1 </p> space <p> paragraph 2 </p> Thanks, GS. Top. Tweet ; Tags: Beginners CSS Questions; Tue, 2004-08-10 17:34 #1. homchz . Offline. Enthusiast . Last seen: 13 years 33 weeks ago . Joined: 2004-07-23 . Posts: 77 . Points: 0 . Space between paragraphs . I always use <p> paragraph 1 </p><br> <p.
  2. Use this formula to convert tracking to letter spacing: 1000px tracking = 100% letter spacing = 1em letter-spacing (CSS) Paragraph spacing. Paragraph spacing lets you control the distance between paragraphs. This can increase or reduce the whitespace around text in your design. White space can help to focus the viewer's attention, as well as increase legibility and readability. Figma.
  3. The CSS letter-spacing property defines the amount of space between characters of text
  4. The CSS rule will change the line spacing of paragraph content to 1.8 multiplied with the current font-size to set the line height. It will appear double spaced. This changes the spacing between lines. If you want to change the spacing between each paragraph, then you would need to add padding

Changing paragraph spacing with CSS Hello there How can I change (if possible) the spacing a web browser renders between two paragraphs. The only way i know how is to use the line-height property, but this also affects the line spacing within the paragraph. Thanks ChopoUse margin-top I have a page that has a bunch of thumbnails on it and using css to format those images, i've added a margin to both sides for spacing. The class is applied to the href and set to have the img as a descendant. When the page renders in FF, there is no problem. But when it renders in IE, i get the nice little hyperlink underline where the margin is between two thumbnails. Any help would be great CSS !important Spacing Test No Inline Style. The following paragraph has no inline style set: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Nisi quis eleifend quam adipiscing. Nec feugiat nisl pretium fusce id velit ut. Viverra justo nec ultrices dui sapien eget mi. Parturient montes nascetur ridiculus mus mauris. Changing paragraph spacing . But here's a rough procedure that should get you started: Figure out what Wiki skin you are currently using. Is it monobook? Probably. Check your preferences. Go to the appropriate directory of your Mediawiki project. For instance: User:<user name>/common.css; Edit the common.css file

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The CSS rule shown above will change the line spacing of paragraph content to 1.5em. Em is a unit of width for typography. We are using .post class which WordPress automatically adds to the content area of all posts to make sure it only affects posts and not paragraphs used elsewhere. Now this only changes the spacing of single spacing. If you. The letter-spacing property is an oft forgotten CSS option which allows us to change the tracking between letters. Altering the default spacing is seldom needed as text fonts are designed and.

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L'attribut HTML FRAME SPACING de la balise FRAMESET définit si l'épaisseur de la bordure qui sépare les frames. Il est équivalant à l'attribut HTML BORDER. <FRAMESET FRAME SPACING =1> </FRAMESET> Si les deux attributs Html sont déclarés alors l'attribut HTML FRAME SPACING prend le dessus. L'attribut HTML FRAME SPACING de la balise FRAMESET prend la valeur de : - 1, avec bordure. Css espace entre paragraphe 3 manières de insérer des espaces dans un code HTM cliquez sur le programme avec lequel votre document doit s'ouvrir. 2 Appuyez sur la barre d'espace pour ajouter un espace normal. En HTML, si dans votre texte, vous faites un espace avec la barre d'espace, vous aurez un espac Paragraph Css Empty. I thought about using nth-child pseudo class, so that I could make every answer paragraph have a different top margin,. One way is to use inline styles, which is what this article is about. But The browser may ignore the empty paragraphs since it is logical tag. Web Style Sheets CSS tips & tricks. In this lesson we are going to learn about the most important HTML tags to.

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Hi guys, Please excuse my ignorance! Ive had a site built for me from my visuals in Dreamweaver, Im now having a play with it to see how it is built and how it works so I can edit it myself in the future. I would like to know how to reduce paragraph spacing in Dreamweaver as I cant figure it out!.. How can I get paragraph spacing in my tooltip text? I tried the following css:-p.bluet_tooltip {padding-bottom:6px;} but it doesn't work. Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total) Plugin Author Jamel.Z (@lebleut) 2 years, 7 months ago. Hi @janaa, Thanks for your support If you mean that you want to add more space for your paragraphs inside the tooltip content, I guess you may use. With a few lines of CSS, of course. Making Changes. It's easy to change the font-family, font-size, and color using CSS. My guess is these are the first things that people change when they start styling text. That's perfectly fine, in fact, that's the way I do it, too. Before we start applying styles, let's see what we have to work with without any styles at all: As you can probably tell, we. You'll want to reset the paragraph spacing and line height in CSS in your style block, then set the styles inline. This fix is already included in our boilerplate for HTML email. <style type=text/css> .ExternalClass, .ExternalClass p, .ExternalClass span, .ExternalClass font, .ExternalClass td, .ExternalClass div { line-height: 100%; } p {margin:0; padding:0; margin-bottom:0;} </style> <p. By default, paragraphs have top and bottom padding. There is a way to say if there is no paragraph after this, have no bottom margin. If there is, have a margin. Example: <p> first </p> <p> second </p> <p> third </p> CSS allows you to say right, I want a 1 em top and bottom margin on paragraphs. Any <p> NOT preceded by a <p> shall have NO.

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In the above paragraph the page break occurred after page look, which caused the text to resume on the following line. Note: We set a CSS overflow property, above, so that the example could be shown more readily. CSS Word Spacing. With the CSS attribute word-spacing you are able to specify the exact value of the spacing between your words. Sentence Spacing in HTML and CSS. For the record, I am not a mandatory spacing person. I'm not going to tell you how to format your sentences. I do have some information and opinions on those who demand you must do it one way or another. The lazy choice is to add no extra space. You'll get spacing between sentences the same size as spaces.

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In English languages, if authors do not set the CSS height property, it can help ensure paragraphs expand. Paragraphs need to allow text to increase vertically for languages or scripts such as English which are read horizontally or to increase horizontally for languages or scripts which are read vertically. Examples. When a user adapts the page to increase the text spacing, text fits within. Setting Paragraph Alignment, Spacing, and Margins. Highlight the paragraph you want to format. On the Format tab of the Text Properties panel, click the Edit button. In theParagraph Settingsdialog, click the Paragraph tab. Set paragraph format options. If you choose Automatic, the settings for the parent style pass through to the paragraph

CSS - Propriété word-spacing Description. Définit l'espace entre les mots, ou plus précisément, la valeur à ajouter ou à retrancher de l'espacement normal. L'espace entre les caractères peut être modifié par la propriété CSS letter-spacing. Syntaxes pour word-spacing. word-spacing: normal; Valeur par défaut. L'espace entre les mots est celui qui est défini par la police. word. We can set the optimal line height of a paragraph using the ex unit, as well as set a paragraph's width using the ch unit, in order to respect the user's preferred browser settings for font size and family. We can use variable fonts to adjust the spacing between letters and words, and we can manipulate the stroke of glyphs to increase contrast, helping readers with visual impairments and. The css property that handles this is named line-height. Paragraph content here has a spacing equivalent to 0.85. </p> As you would expect, negative values are not allowed in the line-height property. As a rule of thumb, always try to use either of the unit less values (percentage or number). This gives it some flexibility when it comes to different fonts that might be used. As I mentioned. So I got this problem in wordpress' post editor, where everything appears fine in the visual blocks and then on the live page my paragraph under the bullet point paragraph fails to have spacing and takes the attributes of the bullet point paragraph, thus, losing the spacing and hugging the bullet point paragraph close paragraph spacing for specific areas. I think what you want to do is to create a div that encompasses the area you want to use for your changed paragraph spacing, then redefine the p tag for that div

CSS text formatting include following properties: 1.Text-color 2.Text-alignment 3.Text-decoration 4.Text-transformation 5.Text-indentation 6.Letter spacing 7.Line height 8.Text-direction 9.Text-shadow 10.Word spacing. 1.TEXT COLOR Text-color property is used to set the color of the text. Text-color can be set by using the name red, hex value #ff0000 or by its RGB valuergb(255, 0.

Cross-browser CSS: Justify last line of text in a8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography In Your Designs | AisleOneCSS Baseline: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly — SmashingFront Matter in Ebooks 2: Epigraphs, Dedications and Song
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